The Wanderlust Traveler

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Our Mission

Passport Seven helps spread knowledge about travel, and design while enhancing spaces through eco-friendly handmade candles and home accessories.


Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Danielle Greene, founded Passport Seven Home Décor & Candle Co., LLC in 2012. Through her studies to obtain a Master of Arts degree in Geography & Urban Studies from Temple University, she developed a love for travel, international culture and design. Passport Seven came about from Danielle’s many opportunities to travel abroad and her hobby of candle making. Her passions collided and subsequently birthed a business. Danielle’s ultimate goal with creating Passport Seven was evoking those who are less fortunate the urge of traveling and embracing different design styles.

Some of Danielle’s most memorable travel experiences include visiting the beautiful temples in Egypt, falling in love with the skyline in Hong Kong, being in awe of the amazing landscape of the Phi Phi Islands and learning how to properly drink tea while in London. Her travel experiences allowed her to step outside of her comfort zone and experience the world around her. Danielle hopes that through each eco-friendly handmade candle and home accessory she encourages and spreads knowledge about travel, and design.